SIM Alumni

Anish Malpani

Founder, Ashaya

Anish is currently building Ashaya, a social enterprise based in Pune, India that is trying to reimagine waste and poverty. He has over 9 years of experience in finance, operations, data and the social impact space across three continents. He is also currently on three boards of impact organisations in three different countries whom he has had the opportunity to work closely with.

Before that, he studied Finance and Sports Management in Texas and then worked in Corporate America for five years, only to realize that money is unimportant and that the conventional path is not the only path there is. So, he quit his six-figure job in New York to learn how to make a more positive impact in this world.

To learn more about impact, he spent over a year in Guatemala in Central America working with a local non-profit that cultivates entrepreneurs. He then worked in Nairobi, Kenya through the Amani Institute fellowship for a social enterprise before completing his "custom MBA" in London, where he studied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Anish believes that there is no place for poverty in the world we live in, and that poverty and climate change are closely interconnected – we can’t get rid of one without containing the other. He also believes in finding sustainable, scalable solutions that do not depend on aid or donations, and in the importance of local social entrepreneurs.

Football and Arsenal make him sweat (physically and emotionally, respectively), and he is somewhere between embarrassed and proud of his interest in Spoken Word.