Arundhati Pathak

Communications & Community Coordinator, India

Belonging to a family whose occupations have a balanced ratio of educators, lawyers and manufacturers, Arundhati is greatly influenced by ideas of literacy, advocacy and development. Coming from a tier-2 city in India, social and infrastructural issues in education and livelihoods around her led her work with NGOs and SMEs from the grassroots. Arundhati’s journey can be traced back to her initiative of starting an Adult Literacy Group that enabled a learning space for the women in an underserved community with Pankhudi, Pune.

In the last six years, amongst the many teams she has been part of across media, ed-tech, and social organizations; her journey so far has been particularly shaped by experiences in People’s Archives of Rural India, Child Rights and You, and Teach for India. Her combined engagement with physical and virtual education systems has evolved her understanding of the limitations of technology, curriculum relatability, and the role of stakeholders especially surrounding children from the rural parts of India.

As a Communications and Community Coordinator at Amani Institute, she plans to geek around strengthening the organization’s conversations within the industry and cultivating invested communities. Passionate about bringing creativity in one’s medium of expression, Arundhati trusts contextualized use of language and design with one foot firmly put in meticulous systems.

Beyond work, Arundhati’s mind has a repository of bookmarks that reveal her interests in coffee recipes, productivity, arts, psychology, minimalism, flipping houses on a budget and a little bit of tech. When she’s not glued to the desk, she finds her way back to books, sketching portraits and the camera for visual communication.