SIM Alumni

Ayenyo Joanita

Founder, Support The Diabetics

Ayenyo Joanita is a Ugandan living in the northern region of the country. She is very passionate about children, minorities in society and health. During her free time, she loves to read, listen to music, play with children, She finds peace in nature; she loves nature trails, flora and fauna

Her life goal is to work with the community and together make a shift in a better direction. She derives her satisfaction from helping others live their full potential. She is the founder of a community Based Organisation called Support the Diabetics Organisation, an initiative running in her region to address the plight of people living with diabetes. Her vision is to have reduced prevalence of the vice.

She also works for the Refugee Law Project, a human rights organisation as an office administrator, but she goes beyond her administrative roles and has field engagements especially on issues of refugees. Joanita has a bachelor of public administration and she is also a YALI alumnus