SIM Alumni

Ayush Jain

Ayush hails from a small Indian town called Kota in Rajasthan. At age 18, he moved to Singapore for his studies and after that he lived, studied and worked in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Mumbai and Bangalore. After attending the UN Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, he realized the need for social change and redirected himself to work in the social impact sector. Back in India he is currently working as a Learning Designer at an ed-tech startup called EntryLevel.

Before the work he does now, Ayush worked with many social enterprises, charities, and NGOs, with responsibilities including elevating their storytelling and accelerating their fundraising efforts, managing learning programs and support and lastly, balancing operations in a startup accelerator that supported over 30 early-stage startups.

Ayush is constantly learning new things and challenging himself.  He has been a basketball coach, math tutor, cafe all-rounder, retail salesman, and the guy who asks for donations at crowded train stations. When not working you can find Ayush writing, cooking, practicing art, diving into health and wellness, and exercising social entrepreneurship.