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Barbara Freeman

Visiting Professor, University of Sao Paulo

Barbara Freeman, EdD, MBA is a consultant and evaluator for the World Bank and the co-creator of the World Bank’s Social Innovators’ Framework. Dr. Freeman is the creator of multiple educational interventions and innovative entrepreneurial initiatives, including co-founding KPMG Consulting’s Risk Management practice in Southeast Asia. She has worked extensively across markets and geographies on 4 continents: K-12, higher education, financial services, non-profits, government, and multilateral entities. Dr. Freeman is a visiting scholar at U.C Berkeley and a visiting professor at the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting and USP’s Graduate School of Education teaching entreprenaurial and socioemotional skills developmente and the measurement of social impact. She works with the students on their social innovation start-up projects at USP’s Habits Incubator.