SIM Alumni

Beatriz Menezes

Beatriz is an economist and after a couple of years working in the financial and real estate market, she felt something was missing. So she did a short course about sustainability and social responsability and realized that economy, ecology and society has more in common than she thought.She lived in Tanzania doing volunteering work by teaching english and math to kids. And she lived in Malaysia bringing awareness to society about eletronic waste. When she got back to Brasil she worked in a community bank in Fortaleza for a couple of months. And now she is back to her hometown, São Paulo.
Beatriz expects that Amani Institute brings professional and personal challenges for her, so she can be a better change maker. She loves being involved in projects to address poverty and environment solutions and she believes shared economy, theory U and social entrepreneurship are important elements to build a better world.She is fascinated by nature, myths, and yoga. She likes music festivals, traveling, dancing and reading.