SIM Alumni

Becca Bolton

Becca was born in Chester, England and spent her early childhood in Alabama, USA and Paris, France. From the age of 9, she has lived in a small village outside of York in North Yorkshire, England. Studying Social Anthropology, Becca completed her four-year undergraduate degree in Edinburgh, Scotland. Alongside her studies, she completed and received the Edinburgh award for ‘Professionalism and Community Engagement’. Throughout her life, Becca has participated in a number of volunteer projects. These have included working for ‘Avalon’ in York at the age of 16; a small charity working to supply those struggling with mental difficulties a livelihood. Since then, Becca has worked for ‘Global Vision International’ providing education for primary school children in Fiji. Her most recent endeavor consisted of working for the International Citizen Service in Tanzania, working on a clean Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project. Involving herself in small scale projects such as this, thinking innovatively and ultimately working to improve the well-being of those around her is what motivates her to join Amani. As a changemaker, with a special interest in youth development and gender equality, Becca hopes to be a part of a team of like-minded people that generates opportunities for social change through innovation and creativity.