Britt Yamamoto

Founder and Executive Director, iLEAP

Britt Yamamoto has developed and led a number of social enterprises and conducted extensive academic work in the fields of international development, civil society, and food and agriculture. In 2007, Britt founded iLEAP, an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and renew social leaders and global citizens through integrated leadership programs that ignite hope and transformation in the world. iLEAP conducts programs in Seattle, Washington and collaborates with social leaders throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America to build regional networks of change-makers who are connected through a values-based approach to leadership and committed to building strong global partnerships for social change. (paragraph break) He has been an organic farmer, created social businesses focused on food, and taught about leadership and change in the citizen sector since 1998. Britt is also on the faculties of the University of Washington and Antioch University Seattle where he currently teaches graduate seminars on food and farming, leadership, and cross-cultural partnership. He holds a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Washington and an M.S. in Community Development from the University of California at Davis.