SIM Alumni

Bruna Viana De Freitas

Facilitator for dialogues and participatory processes at CoCriar, Húmus

As a facilitator and communicator, Bruna is dedicated to creating spaces and conditions for people to have meaningful conversations, to work collaboratively and to solve challenges together. She discovered her real passion in the art of hosting conversations while studying Social Innovation Management at Amani Institute, years after she had graduated in Public Relations and worked with communication in different contexts.

Currently, she is a facilitator of dialogue and participatory processes at Humus and CoCriar. As part of the Art of Hosting community, she hosts learning spaces based on the U Theory. She co-created Nossa Grama Verde, a movement that encourages local and conscious consumption in Belo Horizonte. In recent years she has been involved in projects around education, consumer awareness, gender equity, technology, leadership and conflict resolution. You can find her writing on Medium.