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Bruna Viana De Freitas

Bruna was born in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, where she used to live until last october, when she moved to São Paulo. Graduated in Public Relations and has already worked in an advertising agency and at Instituto Inhotim, a worldwide known contemporary art center and botanical garden. In both job experiences Bruna was involved with social media management, web content production and digital campaigns. Besides the professional life, she loves dancing, cycling, getting to know new people and places and she really loves carnival.Last year Bruna decided to search for a job that generates positive impact in people’s lives or in the city where she lives. So then came to São Paulo looking forward to knowing inspiring projects and people that could contribute with, besides studying. She has recently done the U.lab course (Transforming Business, Society and Self), provided online by MIT, which increased her will to keep going in this journey. Bruna believes that the Amani course is the next step to do it!