SIM Alumni

Bruno Queiroz

Born and raised in the interior of the southernmost state of Brazil, Bruno had the privilege of belonging to an extremely creative and open-minded family, where everybody sings, draws or plays an instrument. At the age of 17 he started his career as a graphic designer and visual artist, mainly - and preferably - working with musicians and book authors. Dissatisfied with traditional higher education he started to study alternative and innovative methods of education.

This started when he traveled to India, where he was a volunteer and apprentice at Riverside School, later, he studied at Schumacher College, learned Kaospilot methods and visited several innovative schools like Escola da Ponte (Portugal), Stanley Park High (England), Projeto  ncora (Brazil), Amigos do Verde (Brazil), Ayni (Brazil) and others. Lately he has been sharing the knowledge he accumulated on education with teachers, students and diverse audiences through talks, workshops and courses, and designed and facilitated innovative experiences on education for young people through institutions like Gerando Falcões.

Bruno loves traveling, animals, as well as making food and music with his friends.