SIM Alumni

Carine Roos

Co-Founder, UPWIT, Co-Founder, MariaLab

As an activist and an online communications specialist trained in journalism and sociology, I am passionate about what I do and have real experience in digital content strategies. Working 8 years as a digital media expert, I managed projects for institutions such as Avaaz Brazil, the Human Rights Secretariat of the Office of the President, – Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C Brazil), the Brazilian Ministry of Health,
UNICEF and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. In January 2014, my interest in solving social problems with a critical and entrepreneurial spirit led me to open Androidella, a social business
providing consultancy in brand management, strengthening and strategy for non-profit organizations that aim to make an impact on communities, people's lives, and future generations.I am also involved in social activism on a personal level. For instance, one issue that I have been actively involved with is the fight for gender equality in technology. I am one of the co-founders of the first woman-oriented hackerspace in Brazil, MariaLab ( Because of that, I've given lectures in many events that are interested in this issue, for instance, Campus Party Brazil, in 2016, and at the 2015 edition of the International Free Software Forum (FISL).