SIM Alumni

Carla Vaz

Carla Vaz is a cheerful Portuguese doer who has a Double Bachelor ́s Degree in Economics and Management. Carla began her career at a not­for­profit organization by coordinating several research projects on the youth travel sector. After having a short experience in a huge corporation managing the labeling process of health products, she felt she needed more contact with people, so she started generating new businesses and developing the Portuguese market at a start­up in the Travel Industry.Carla is a music lover and a world instruments collector with a special interest in responsible business and sustainable development. Always aiming to have a positive impact in what she does, as a determined maker, she is now at the beginning of an inner journey to build up the right tools and be connected with like­minded doers to change her path from the private to the social sector and make her contribution for a fairer world.