SIM Alumni

Catherine Magill

Research Assistant, Edinburgh Living Lab, University of Edinburgh

At the Edinburgh Living Lab, Cat works to connect research and action across disciplines and sectors to address urban and global challenges. She is involved in a number of research collaborations that bring together data, design and society to help create more participatory and people-centred systems and uses of technology.

Catherine's journey has taken her from teaching English in Austria and Japan to serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Senegal to working with agricultural projects in Nicaragua, Zambia, and Kenya -- and a few places in between. She loves the outdoors and has a deep interest in contributing to the development of vibrant and resilient ecosystems where human development goes hand in hand with preserving the earth's natural resources. The bicycle is her favorite means of exploring and discovering the world, and she has cycled through parts of West Africa, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, and the Indian Himalayas.