Celsa Calederoni Reyes – Amani Institute

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Cesla photo

Celsa Calederoni Reyes

Founder and Director, Camaroni Producciones

After realizing that the social and environmental issues are grossly ignored and misunderstood, Celsa founded CAMARONI Producciones 4 years ago in Mexico City. She believes that to raise empathy in society, we need to know each other as much as we can and storytelling can bring people closer

Together with her team, they work with social and environmental projects to create the message they need to tell. Some of the projects she has worked with include UN Women Mexico, New Ventures, Sistema Biobolsa, Isla Urbana, Nutre a un Niño, International Renewable Resources Institute, Alternativas y Capacidades, and many more. The more projects Cesla knows and works with, the more she realizes that change makers need a visual voice. The storyteller shouldn’t be a silent witness, but an active agent of change.

You can find her through her website, Facebook and Instagram