SIM Alumni

Christine Njagi

Christine is a life-planning coach and business enthusiast. During the course of her career, she noticed that some of the people that she worked with were so busy in their day-to-day activities that they failed to plan long-term or worked for success in one area of their life as opposed to viewing success as holistic. This led her to create her first life planning program by the name LifePlan, which is now housed in the Common Good Institute, which Christine founded. The Common Good Institute (CGI) aims to help individuals and businesses live more purposefully with a greater sense of balance while creating immense impact and gaining immense satisfaction. She is deeply passionate about individuals attaining their potential and believes that doing this makes the world a better place, by sharing your highest self with the world.

In addition to founding two startups, she provides consulting services to start-ups in problem identification, strategy formulation, product development, and business operations. She has also worked on curriculum development, and business case study writing in academia taught courses in Actuarial Science as well as actively mentored students and colleagues in life as well as career.

Christine first knew about  Amani Institute in May 2022, after a friend who was aware of what she was trying to accomplish with CGI, invited her to the Skills for Impact training at the Amani Institute offices in Nairobi. At the end of the training, and speaking to Pauline, Christine quickly realized that she had found her tribe. Christine then joined the Social Innovation Management program in June 2022. Her motivation was to gain the skills that she needed to build CGI and do her work effectively and efficiently. She realized that she had a skills gap, as founding CGI and offering life and business development courses were career changes that she was navigating. Amani Institute offered her a supportive community and a guided path to help her acquire the skills she needs.