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Confrey Mung’au Alianji

Founder, Student Counsellors Kenya

Confrey Mung’au Alianji was born and raised in Kaimosi area, rural Kenya. Through a fellowship program with Compassion International-Leadership Development Program (LDP), he joined Kenyatta University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology major. During his four-year fellowship, he was involved in various leadership and entrepreneurship training including South Africa’s business startup model DBSP.He worked as an intern psychologist for Chiromo Lane Medical Centre. He was then employed as a Management consultant; a job he resigned in December 2015, to launch his two startups. Student Counsellors Kenya is a social enterprise that provides psychologists to schools and child based organizations. Utafiti is a research aggregator platform that is currently under incubation at Nailab Accelerator.His zeal to be a serial social innovator led him to apply for Amani Institute’s Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management. A program he believes will cultivate his skills to build strong and sustainable organizations that will be Innovative with solutions for social problems in Kenya, Africa and beyond. He carries a big passion for research and education that keeps him informed, as he believes “knowledge is the door” to a better Kenya.