SIM Alumni

Cryssel Barrionuevo

Cryssel was born in Italy but is of Peruvian descent. She grew up hearing lots of stories about Perù from her parents and she has always had the desire and curiosity to discover "su Tierra" (her land). Cryssel decided to study International Relations at the University of Turin to introduce her to the world of international development. After graduating from university in 2017, she proceeded to live in London to improve her English. In 2019, she attended a course at Open Incet in Turin on skills in social innovation and was introduced to the world of social entrepreneurship. Cryssel hopes that joining Amani Institute will help her to develop knowledge for projects in education. She would like to be involved in projects in Perù to make education accessible to every child. Cryssel is interested in learning about new cultures, and discovering new interesting stories. Cryssel loves being out in nature and the tranquility that it affords her.

She is joining Amani Institute because she wants to develop a global mindset and learn how to become a changemaker in the education sector.