SIM Alumni

Da Sánchez Suárez

Independent Strategic Design Consultant
Strategy, Innovation and Experience Design Advisor at Alto Peru,
Board Member at Heroes del Planeta,
Innovation Catalyst at WeWilder (PandaLabs)

Da is fueled with a deep passion for connections. She explores better futures through strategic design inspired by nature, culture, meaningful experiences, and a synergy network. Da calls herself a Cultural Mover, a remix of a curious connector, experience designer, facilitator, cultural manager, and life learner

As an entrepreneur, she has co-founded a cultural design studio that ran for seven years, and a creative laboratory that ran for five years, during which it hosted +100 experiences. Furthermore, with more than 10 years in the fields of creativity, culture, hospitality, non-for-profit, Da has also worked at global companies: as the Country Experience Director at Selina, as the Country Community Lead at Domestika, and more.

Da wears many hats but she believes everything she gets involved in is an opportunity to create an impact. She is part of the Alto team, a Peruvian NGO focused on encouraging people to recognize their power to deliver social change, through programs based on citizen participation. As a creative consultant, she is always ready to collaborate.