SIM Alumni

Damien Mouzoun

CEO, Ayina Think Tank

Damien Mouzoun was born on the 21st of February 1991 at Mouzounkpokpohoue, a royal village in Benin republic founded by his third past grand father "Mouzoun" who was a very unattached but powerful, respected and mysterious servant leader in his region. Since his birth, there were several signs proving to the family that Damien has similar character to the grand father.  Damien then became a brave and rebellious teenager who came out of his exile at the age of 18, to own a successful  agricultural products sales company in Ghana and Benin. He was inspired by Dr. Stephen R. Covey's teachings to join social work and philanthropy since 2010. Nowadays, Damien has a strong and powerful network  throughout the African continent and the world where he has been hosted by more than three hundred families for his advocacy. He is a great reader and has made thousands of responsibility driven,visionary change makers and disciples from around the world with focus on empowering Africans. Damien is now based in Rwanda where he is leading the AYINA Wisdom Age Tank for Alternative Thinking LTD, and has just joined the World Academy Ambassadorship ( to reach millions of people through Information and communication technology like mobile phones and social media. Damien has served as, the Africa coordinator of the USA based program Give 1 Project (, International facilitator and ambassador at the Global Youth innovation network ( that was founded by both the international fund for agricultural development IFAD in Rome and Phelps Stock fund, Senior trainer and member of the board of directors at the Switzerland based cooperative SEEDS investments (,, Co founder and Africa Chairman of AYINA Japan (