SIM Alumni

Daniel Carvalho

Chief Operations Officer, Cicla Brazil

Daniel has 12 years of experience in non-profit organizations. From 2007-2009, Daniel designed and led the execution of “Eco-Cidadão” Project, which included waste pickers in the official program of selective collection in the City of Curitiba. Later, in 2011, Daniel designed, with the partnership of the National Movement of Waste Pickers, a system to increase income generation and stabilize the recyclable materials market. This system, inspired by the carbon credit system, is called "Reverse Logistics Credit System.” This system works within an environmental asset-trading platform called Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro. It benefits more than 100 waste pickers cooperatives, which includes 3,000 waste pickers in 21 Brazilian states. At Cicla Brasil, Daniel focuses on managing these projects and creating scalable tools for the organization.