SIM Alumni

Daniel Mirolli

Global Process Manager, Google

Daniel Mirolli was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He really loves this intense city, its atmosphere and the opportunity to make connections and build strong relations. Daniel is passionate about volunteering for Make a Wish and participated for two years in a volunteering program called Fazendo Minha Historia, helping kids, who lived in shelters, to create a scrapbook to record their memories. After this experience, Daniel started changing his mindset about social inequality, observing smart kids with huge potential becoming cashiers in fast food chains instead of writers, poets or photographers. Since then, he started thinking deeply on how to create projects to provide opportunities for these kids. Daniel has been working for more than 20 years in big enterprises. He tried HR, Finance and now manages projects in a global Tech company. He holds a Bachelor in Business from Mackenzie University and a Post-Graduation in Bio-Psychology from Instituto Visão Futuro, with classes created and given by Susan Andrews, Gross National Happiness index ambassadress in Brazil.