SIM Alumni

Jennifer Oliveira

Jennifer Oliveira was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil and has lived in São Paulo since she was three years old. She has a Bachelors in administration from the University of São Paulo (USP), and is currently working at Natura Cosmetics, one of the biggest Brazilian B-corporations, dealing with Organizational Human Development. She is also one of the leaders of Rede Semeando Alegria, a volunteering group of clowns who work through laughter therapy to help children with cancer in their treatment, playing a character called "Doctor Little Turtle". 

She believes in promoting personal wellbeing and positive social changes through connection and dialogue, and using those tools for self improvement and learning. For this reason,she has been studying non-violent communication, Brazilian language of signs (LIBRAS) and spent one month in Canada to experience a  different culture and improve her English. 

She is an Amani Institute Fellow because she strongly believes that cultivating affection, harmony and beauty produced by connections can make the world a better place.