SIM Alumni

Debora Komukai

Community Manager and Journalist

Born in Japan and raised in Brazil, Debora sees herself as an eternal migrant. Coming from a Brazilian public school, at 18 she received a scholarship to develop social projects at Qatar Foundation International where she was a Fellow for three years and ran projects related to breaking stereotypes between cultures,  sustainability, world refugee crises, and cultural projects. Back in Brazil, along with her colleagues from TECS-USP, Debora launched a project for a female juvenile prison in São Paulo to help improve girls’ self-esteem by showcasing positive role models to them. 

She holds a degree in Communication and Journalism and has been part of social initiatives in Brazil, Qatar, The USA, and Australia. One of her life goals is to support young people who come from non-privileged backgrounds, open more dialogues about English as a social tool, and work in gender equality initiatives.

While studying in Australia thanks to a scholarship, she noticed how many hardships migrants face every day. Therefore, she started to work in initiatives that promote dialogues about migrant women in Australia, events, and researches to figure out more about how to help out these women, just like her, to thrive in Australia.