SIM Alumni

Deepan Ramesh

Program Manager (Office of Strategy), Zifo RnD Solutions

Deepan works as a program manager at Zifo RnD Solutions, where he manages several global innovation and change initiatives while supporting Zifo's philanthropic efforts. He also volunteers with U&I, where he has worked with 1000+ volunteers over the last 8 years. He helped set up and grow the chapter that currently mentors 180+ kids in 10+ care homes with full-time staff.

Deepan, born in a small town in southern India, grew up dreaming about the world outside his grasp. Being a first-generation graduate, he experienced the struggles of growing up in an illiterate, middle-class household. But when he started volunteering, he saw that more people struggle every day for the things Deepan took for granted growing up. This realization set him on a journey to ask bigger questions about the state of our world, happiness, wealth, success, and what it means to be human.

He is currently working on a few projects to promote socially conscious living among people. He loves to learn and have discussions about education, responsible business, innovation, running effective non-profits, and anything that helps build a more equitable world.

Outside of his work, he loves touring on his bike in search of new experiences. His love for exploring different cuisines and cooking puts him at odds with his ambition to climb a mountain or two someday.