SIM Alumni

Denise Klahr

Innovation and Ideation Processes Facilitator

Denise is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Social Communication Sciences from the Public University of Buenos Aires and has been working for 3 years within the entrepreneur ecosystem and social innovation field, in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. She understands social innovation as a process where social relationships are transformed. One of her main interests is to work on strengthening of impact projects that contribute towards creating a more conscious and sustainable society, where people can connect with themselves and others.

Denise likes working in projects where she can get involved with people, connect with them, and  strengthen the links in communities. She coordinates and facilitates business development methodologies and ideation processes through workshops related to games and creativity. In a playful and innovative way, she shares different tools that connect entrepreneurship development with community strengthening. She is a Latin, Spanish, Hebrew and English speaker, and has lived in Israel and Chile. She has a spiritual background which helps her understand her life; she believes in the universe and its energies. Denise travels in order to explore, meet new cultures and connect with people. She believes that everyone comes into our lives to teach us something.