SIM Alumni

Dorothea Pease

Dorothea was born and raised in the South of England and has just graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in French, Spanish and Chinese. She loves to travel and aims to live all over the world. Currently, she has been lucky enough to live in Beijing, where she taught at Tsinghua University; Paris, where she worked in fashion recruitment; and in the south of Spain where she studied at Córdoba University. This year, Dorothea has started a social enterprise, The Biosmart Initiative, which employs women to make and sell biochar briquettes. This initiative won the national Unilever ‘Made by You’ competition for sustainable social enterprises. Dorothea has just returned from setting up the business in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. She hopes to return there soon to see how it is going. Apart from travelling and managing her social enterprise, Dorothea’s interests include hiking, nutrition, flying and learning new languages.