SIM Alumni

Eddy Orinda

Eddy is the founder, and managing partner at One & Associates, LLP, a boutique law firm serving clients in East Africa & Ukraine. He advises clients on major legal transactions including international commercial arbitration, commercial transactions, insolvency and commercial litigation.

Eddy wears many hats including a strong professional working knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian languages and considerable experience on the Eastern European legal system & business environment. He has advised & successfully acted as a link between the governments of the Republic of Ukraine (through the Embassy of Ukraine in Nairobi) and Kenya (through the Office of the Prime Minister of Kenya) in building and fostering diplomatic and business relations between the two Governments. Over the years Eddy has developed a lot of interest in insolvency, international relations and diplomacy. Eddy has a passion for developing young minds he is a Senior Lecturer at the United States International University (USIU) Nairobi, Kenya where he teaches business law and survey of the legal environment at the Chandaria School of Business (CSB).

Eddy currently owns a boutique fine dining restaurant under the name and style of Dacha Family Gardens By ATIG Limited.