Eiji Han Shimizu

Producer, The Happy Movie

Eiji Han Shimizu is an award-winning filmmaker, publisher, and educator. The focused theme of his work has been our most important emotion of all: happiness. His documentary film, HAPPY, has not only won several awards from film festivals and become the #1 documentary on iTunes, but also has been highly regarded and frequently used as an educational material in scientific and educational institutions around the world. He also produced a popular TV show on happiness for Japan's national broadcaster, and introduced the science behind happiness to the general public. A number of corporations, universities, and NGOs are using his approach to increase the wellbeing of their members. Eiji has an MBA from the University of Miami, and is certified in Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania; he is also a certified teacher for Search Inside Yourself, Cultivating Emotional Balance, and OSHO Meditation. You can read more about him here.