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Eva-Maria Spreitzer

Social Innovation Researcher & Practitioner, Swiss Center for Positive Futures, The Initiative

Eva-Maria is a researcher, practitioner, and facilitator of transformative learning and innovation processes with a passion for working towards "a change in the conditions of change" by focusing on consciously developing our capacity and capabilities for change, or the way we think, act, and are in the world. She focuses her work on the power and connection of individual transformation for social innovation and strives to gain more insights into the role as well as the profound effects of reflexive praxis for social change and transformation.

She is currently involved in several global and local communities of practice, such as UNESCO’s futures literacy network, aiming to contribute and co-create programs and learning opportunities around such approaches in Switzerland and beyond. She also initiated and hosts Amani Institute's community "Research Circle", for collaboratively exploring and generating insights on various topics, tools, methods, and frameworks in the field of social innovation.