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Faustina Ninga

Faustina Ningá

Head of Operations, ATS Travel

Faustina Ningá is a Kenyan born Mozambican in her mid-thirties. She has had the privilege of working for growth driven Small and Medium Businesses (SME) and SME support companies for the past 8 years. She holds a BA degree in communication and a BC minor in Marketing. She also participated in the Amani Leadership and Management for Impact program, in Nairobi. 

Faustina has volunteer experience working under an SME program for the Kenya Association of Manufacturing, supporting SMEs in energy management, growth, and in-house capacity building programs. 

She is yet to have an outside East Africa experience but she feels she can surely fit in anywhere except Antarctica. Her vision joining the Social Innovation Management program is to be a changemaker in supporting SMEs and young fellows to widen their growth horizon and seek the opportunities that may seem unreachable.