SIM Alumni

Fernanda Biolchini

Co-Founder Co.Bike

Nanda is an economist by training and caring by heart. She understands life as an ongoing way of learning and discoveries that bring us closer to our most essential truth. During 11 years of experience in finances with large corporations, Nanda went through a profound journey of self-discovery that introduced her to a more loving, human and warm world. She became an entrepreneur, passionate about relationships and transformative experiences that inspire encounters with oneself. Exploring Yoga Ayurvedic Massage and Body Talk Terapy , Nanda studied how our body registers and communicates all we need to know to have a healthy, integrated and happy life. She is currently working in ‘Projeto Sentido’ facilitating meditations and takes care of ‘Meu Jardim’ where she gives sessions in Yoga Ayurvedic Massage and Body Talk. She is the founder of Co.Bike, transforming relations in the city by bike.