SIM Alumni

Fernanda Nobre

Fernanda is from São Paulo and graduated in Journalism and Social Communication. She is passionate about global connections, writing, story hunting and telling. A travel enthusiast, Fernanda has experienced life abroad in different contexts. As a journalist she worked in a variety of roles ranging from TV production, freelance writing, public relations, strategy and communications development. For her, transparency and direction are the key to successful communication.The magic comes from creativity, a quality that she tries to always bring to her life. After leaving a long term position as Account Director in São Paulo, Brazil, she relocated to Tanzania to work as a volunteer on business and communication development for One Bike, a social enterprise that promotes responsible tourism in the Kilimanjaro region using bicycles. Fernanda is also currently the Public Relations advisor for a project called Flores para os Refugiados (flowers to refugees).  She is joining Amani Institute because she believes in the transformative power of a global community driven by social impact.