SIM Alumni

Fernanda Serra Tavares

Associate, ape - estudos em mobilidade

Fernanda was born in Brazil and is currently an associate in ape - estudos em mobilidade, a group focused on discussions and projects on urban mobility that takes place in São Paulo. She's working very close to local public schools in order to build a learning territory around the institutions and to open the school boundaries to the city environment. It's a project that recognizes the city as a major place to learn and play, and the school as a potent place to build relations, to empower and to connect communities. She graduated in architecture and urbanism in 2013 in between Barcelona and São Paulo, and always tried to develop the social side of the architect as a person who articulates and connects the parts in order to build a better place for everyone, beginning with the most vulnerable ones. She got involved in projects with local communities that seek to provide safer environments and help people express who they truly are. Fernanda also loves reading, cooking and doing yoga, always curious and caring, and also loves sharing good times with her friends. Being around nature is a present to herself to stop, breathe and to organize her ideas to move forward and to create.