SIM Alumni

Gabriela Alfaro

Officer Of Operations, Fundacion Capital

Gabriela was born and raised in El Salvador during the final year of a decade long civil war. Now, twenty years later, the interests of those that live in low-income communities, which compose most of the population, continue to be ignored. After studying International Politics at Penn State Univeristy, she came back to El Salvador to get her hands dirty and really learn about the harsh realities of her country. Through Glassswing, she was able to not only experience first-hand the hardships that many have to go through on a daily basis, but also to help them in a small way. She hopes to figure out a way to create a bigger impact and truly make a positive change in her country. After graduating from Amani Institute Gabriela started working with Fundacion Capital as their Officer of Operations and is now a consultant for Redprodepaz in Colombia.