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Gianmarco Marinello

Founder, Nai Nami

Gianmarco has a wide range of interests and an open mind towards almost everything, which also reflects in his career path and hobbies. Deeply interested in human behavior he holds a Master degree in Psychology. He worked as a project manager for Swiss banks and industrial companies in the private sector to learn new skills and gain experience in business management. Realizing that he can only make use of his full potential when aligning his work with purpose and acting out of his comfort zone he quit his job and went to South Africa to work as a development officer for a youth development organization in informal settlements. Here he found his calling, making social change by innovating and implementing new solutions in adventurous places with difficult circumstances and diverse cultures. Since then he has worked as a career coach, mentor and founded his own social enterprise in Nairobi fighting youth unemployment. Gianmarco has also been playing classical piano for 23 years, performing several concerts annually. Chopin and Grieg are his favorite composers.