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Gonzalo Gutiérrez Goizueta

Co-Management of Sustainable Businesses, GRUPO EMPRESARIAL SOSTENIBLE

Gonzalo was born and raised in the Spanish city of Madrid. Since high-school, Gonzalo has studied in both France and Spain, obtaining a Double Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with Marketing & Finance (ICADE). After a short experience in financial consulting, he worked in the fashion industry and as a consultant for a marketing agency specialized in Food, Wine and Spirits for the US market. In his relatively short career, Gonzalo has already worked in Paris, Madrid, Mexico and New York City and speaks Spanish, English and French fluently.His curiosity and constant desire to learn have pushed him to explore various post-graduate courses in online marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation at NYU and Hospitality Management at Les Roches. He is most interested in developing business solutions to address poverty and environmental sustainability. When he is not working, Gonzalo can be found watching Real Madrid soccer matches, drinking wine or planning his next exotic trip.