SIM Alumni

Gonzalo Gutiérrez Goizueta

Co-Management of Sustainable Businesses, GRUPO EMPRESARIAL SOSTENIBLE

Gonzalo was born and raised in the Spanish city of Madrid. Since high-school, he has studied in both France and Spain, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in international business with marketing & finance.

After a diverse international experience in Spain, France, Mexico, USA, and Kenya, in both the private and social sectors, he decided to focus on the sustainability and environmental fields. In 2017, he did a masters specialized in ecosystem services and biodiversity in Amsterdam. Currently, Gonzalo is most interested in creating business models that protect and restore nature’s ecosystems.

He speaks Spanish, English and French and he likes surfing, diving, gardening, and cooking. When he is not working, he can be found in his cottage in Asturias with an adorable couple of donkeys named Soraya and Moncho.