SIM Alumni

Henry Couto

Account Manager, Google

Born and educated in Campinas, Brazil, Henry graduated at FACAMP in two colleges: International Affairs and Economics. He started his career as an International Buyer at Samsung but soon moved to Sao Paulo to become a trainee at Falconi – one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in Brazil. 

After three years there, Henry decided to engage with the entrepreneur ecosystem and won a Startup Weekend in UNICAMP, consequently deciding to quit his job to create his own startup. The startup – Home Bistro – passed through many acceleration programs like Baita (UNICAMP), Startup Farm, and ACE (Aceleratech) to better develop its business model. During this process, he fell in love with digital marketing and decided to accept an opportunity at Google to work as an Analytical Lead. He currently works as an Account Manager at Google, supporting fast-growing companies to develop their digital strategies.

Henry wants to better understand how his skills and knowledge can make difference for the world and he hopes that Amani Institute and other SIM Fellows can help him become a changemaker outside the corporate world.