SIM Alumni

Hwa Yu

CEO, Delta One LLC

Hwa is a Korean consultant, translator, and lawyer. Currently, she runs a consulting firm for Korean and US defense companies using her professional background in defense acquisition. Previously, Hwa has served as an expert and liaison for the US and Korean governments in matters involving security cooperation policy. After 15 years of working alongside government projects, in 2016 she moved to the US to study law and become an attorney in Washington D.C. 

Hwa’s passions lie in global health law, as it seeks ways to attain the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health for all. Her dream is to help improve the health of North Koreans. In that regard, she hopes to map out goals and objectives and obtain hands-on experience

She is an Amani Fellow because she hopes to connect with like-minded people, and bring about social impact for the betterment of the world.