SIM Alumni

Ibrahim Fathy Zalat

Empowering people to design, launch and scale-up successful social entrepreneurial ventures with sustainable and social goals using human-centered techniques, that's what Ibrahim has been doing as People & Social Development Architect since the beginning of his career. 

With over ten years of experience in the sustainable development field and project management, he has led 150+ colleagues, trained 18,000+ youth with 120+ social impact projects launched, and achieved 400+ hours in social business consultation.

Ibrahim's personal vision is to have a better society where communities are being developed independently. Moreover, he intended to achieve that through his mission of making a revolution in the global learning system by bonding it with the social entrepreneurship concepts and techniques. He set a goal and decided to empower one billion young people to develop their communities and achieve sustainable development goals through social entrepreneurship and launching sustainable social enterprises.

Aiming high is great, but staying grounded is greater. Therefore, he is rolling up his sleeves every day to work on his abilities and expertise to fulfill his aspirations. At the moment, he is a Social Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneurship Trainer, UN SDGs Advocate, Social Business Consultant, Sustainable Development Author, and Social Entrepreneurship Programs Manager. His vision, mission, goals, passion, and professions, all together are the secret sauce that builds him into what he is known for as a "Social & People Development Architect."