SIM Alumni

Ina Bogdanova

Program Associate, Ashoka Globalizer

"A world of people who feel empowered and motivated to explore their changemaker potential"

Ina is passionate about self-development and the world as a place of opportunities to be better, to do better, to grow, and explore just any opportunity to co-create a more just place for everyone. Coming from a background in hospitality where finding the best way to connect with just anyone is at the core of human interactions, and with studies in tourism and social education, she's currently part of the Ashoka Globalizer team, supporting Ashoka Fellows to explore Systems Thinking for reaching higher impact. Her specific focus in the team is on designing internal structures and processes, improvement loops, etc. to support the work of the program.

She's passionate about re-designing consumption behavior and reducing the use of plastics in our day-to-day lives.