SIM Alumni

Jenelle Katrine Nicolajsen

Holistic Wellness Coach, Educator & Facilitator, FGS Wellness

On the edge of burnout, Jenelle left the Nonprofit and Social Business sector to study the facets of Well-being. She spent half a decade and thousands of hours researching, working with different experts and practitioners, doing intensive inner-work and implementing new practices into her life and transformed her condition.

Compiling the wealth of knowledge she gained along the way, she created distinct exercises, resources, tools and sessions for fostering health and supporting others in their own wellness journeys.

Jenelle founded FGS Wellness, an enterprise all about building holistic wellness awareness and offering support and services as online & in-person workshop trainings for groups and one-on-one mentoring. She also believes employers hold the opportunity to enhance the well-being of their employees by investing in accessible and ongoing well-being sessions.

Jenelle has a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from the University of Calgary, is a Certified Inner-Voice Facilitator, spent 5 years living and working in Tanzania and Kenya and started the first hormonal wellness support group and educational gathering for women in Nairobi struggling with hormonal imbalance conditions. She now lives in her hometown in Edmonton, Canada with her family.