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Jesah Segal

Founder, Plastic Fantastic Kenya

Having spent five years sailing the high-seas as a Gunner’s Mate in the U.S. Navy, five years working as a consultant in corporate America, and five months living and meditating with monks in the mountains and jungles of Nepal he isn’t your average westerner living in Kenya.Following a family tradition of entrepreneurship, Jesah bucked a life of comfort in the US, and teamed up with fellow Amani Alumni, Ciru, – whom he now is married to – to act as Co-Founder and Business Architect for Plastic Fantastic Kenya. When Jesah isn’t directing Plastic Fantastic Kenya’s business trajectory, he spends his time meditating, training as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter (1 win – 1 loss), and changing the diapers of his newborn baby daughter.