SIM Alumni

Jessica Missongo

Jessica is a Franco-Congolese currently based in Paris. She holds two Master's degrees: an MA in Communications and International Development from University of Quebec in Montreal and an MA in American Studies from Sorbonne University.

Always up for a challenge, she thrives to “design, connect, support and unfold” in every organization she’s operated. She's worked for more than 15 years in corporate organizations (including Boston Consulting Group and Thales Group) as a Project Manager in human resources, communications, training and information systems.

As a volunteer mentor or contributor with social organizations, she aims at inspiring and supporting social entrepreneurs in their journey to produce and develop services and solutions for more impact. She is now leading her career path to create and reinforce bridges between academia and organizations, increasing Social Innovation in the field. Joining Amani Institute’s program, she is looking for a global and polyvalent community concretely acting for change, with passion and empathy.