SIM Alumni

Joanna Fajardo

Joanna is a passionate strategic designer and believer in co-creation. Through her work experience she has advocated for the user within business. She has been ensuring the transfer of the “human point of view” into the input, feedback, ideas and reality back towards businesses to create value for both parties. We are living in a rapidly transforming context in which technology plays an unique role as it enables innovation processes and takes them to unimaginable places. Joanna’s goal as a facilitator between different disciplines and perspectives is to make business more human, while creating economic, social, and cultural value.

She has been working for almost 7 years in this field as a designer cultivating and expanding her abilities in strategy, human centered approaches, user experiences, service design and marketing. Joanna is oriented to lead and create projects based on innovation and sustainability in order to transform ideas into business opportunities. In her current work as User Experience Lead, she has been guiding the business transformation into a customer centric approach whilst diving into the realities Columbians face in financial products. With the aim to bring services to new populations and democratize the access to financial services within her home country of Columbia.