SIM Alumni

Johannes Dvorschak

Johannes is an Entrepreneur from Germany. At age 17, he started his first business where he organized Hip Hop concerts; where he did not have much education or money but just creativity and willpower. His first important life lesson taught him to survive and never give up. Johannes received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, being an SAP Consultant and working in marketing.

In 2016 he started another business, called LifeLab, which is much more aligned with his inner goals and path. LifeLab is creating ecosystems in which people enjoy life experiments. They believe everyone has fun carving out their own path, especially drawing outside the lines of society’s template of how you ‘should’ live. They do this through sustainable workshops in Cologne as well as community events.

In his spare time, Johannes travels on his own, deep diving into other cultures, joining inspiring conversations, enduring crossfit, and being in nature.