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Jonathan West

Amani Community Interest-based Circle Food for Thought

After completing his undergraduate degree, Jonathan worked in engineering long enough to save money for travel. Then he bought a touring bicycle with saddlebags, a tent, a cook stove and a one-way ticket to London. Traveling mainly by bicycle for 17 months across Europe, parts of the Middle East and Africa, he found that while culture and language may vary, there is a shared experience of being human that transcends differences and offers opportunity for a meaningful bond.

Jonathan’s professional experience includes working as an engineer for a state government, wearing multiple hats in a regional branch of an international spiritual organization (including fundraising, community development, public speaking, leadership, mentoring, and financial record keeping/reporting), leading and training teams in non profit organizations, and customer success lead in the financial services industry. Jonathan recently completed a Masters in Education with a focus on talent development, organizational learning and change, and consulting skills.