SIM Alumni

Kristina Wilms

Kristina is a Social Entrepreneur with a passion for mindfulness. Kristina grew up in Germany and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, the title of the program was “Rethinking business” and combined traditional business content with philosophy and fine arts. During this intense studies Kristina developed a deep interest for the concept of empowerment and social business. She worked in India and Ghana in the field of microfinance. In Nairobi she combined a dance workshop for prostitutes with a microfinance program for the participants.

After suffering from severe depression Kristina started her own social business called “Arya” and decided to make use of her personal experiences. At Arya the goal was to empower people suffering from depression to reclaim their lives and become the manager of their disease. This was done by developing and providing the best mobile tools to support the daily lives and the therapeutic process of people affected. In addition, fighting against stigmatization within society was an important pillar of the company’s activities.