SIM Alumni

Larrissa Gurjão

Larissa is an administration professional and holds a MBA from the University of California (Irvine). She worked for 12 years in a large business group in the area of Information Technology, focusing in improving organizational processes. Over the span of her professional and personal life, she has developed many technical and behavioral skills. Larissa is very results-oriented and has good communication skills, empathy, and patience. She also possesses analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to manage teams despite discouraging obstacles. Larissa has always identified with the social sector and decided to go through a career transition after performing volunteer work in Thailand last year. She chose to come to Amani Institute as a way to leverage her career change and to gain new ideas of social entrepreneurship through contacts with professionals that have the same vision. Larissa believes that courage and positive will are necessary for a change-maker.