SIM Alumni

Lea Kilenga

Founder, 10003 Warrior Project

Lea is still learning. On this adventurous life, she has scaled great heights and has overcome numerous obstacles of health and mind. Lea’s story: “Six months ago, just after graduating from university, I felt a deep sense of responsibility towards something I tried to ignore for quite some time now. Well, you see, fortunately and/or unfortunately, I came into this world with something in my genes called Sickle Cell Disease. I always thought I wielded great power because of the numerous times I overcame the disease's attempt on my life. The greatest test to this so-called 'power' came when I realized that the person I was waiting for to do something around Sickle Cell Disease in Kenya was me. It meant taking responsibility and giving it my all. At first, I was afraid, and I still am most of the time. However this deep desire I now have to create change around Sickle Cell is what gets me up every morning. Six months ago, I initiated the 10003 Warrior Project to create a better environment for the next generation of Sickle Cell Warriors. " Through her various enterprises and social creations, such as photo, she is birthing a better world for the next generation.