SIM Alumni

Loai Mostafa

Born and raised in Cairo, Loai Graduated in Business Information Systems from Helwan University and has been crunching numbers as a Data Analyst since 2017. He has a passion for driving the world through data.

His journey in social entrepreneurship all began when Loai was in university. He was eager to be part of his country’s uprising, so he took the volunteering path and joined “ElMashrou3” a social entrepreneurship television show in Egypt. From there, V-Worx offered him to manage the first gatherings for Social Entrepreneurs in Egypt: Ideation Station. He was inspired by these entrepreneurs, so he joined Enactus which helped him build vast knowledge about development projects and experience in implementing them in food security, solar energy, and water filtration.

These experiences have opened Loai’s eyes to the gaps Egypt faces in food security systems starting from agriculture. He hopes that through the Social Innovation Management program he will deepen his knowledge so he can take steps to tackle food insecurity. His aim is then to start his own social enterprise.

In his free time, he likes to play ultimate frisbee, football, read about business, personal financing, and travel.